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Police about Cyber Hate

Cathal Delaney (EUROPOL) on the prevention of online sexual victimisation of youth

If you are a victim of online hate in Belgium | Belgian Federal Police, Cyber Crime Unit

If You are a Victim of Online Hate | Antwerp Police

If you are a victim of online hate in Belgium | Politiezone Deinze-Zulte-Lievegem

If You Are a Victim of Online Hate in Spain | LGTBIpol

Advice on Countering Hate Speech Online | Elena Sanchez, LGTBIpol

Online Hate Crime in the UK | John Donovan, Former Head of the Online Hate Crime Hub

Social Media Platforms about Online Hate Speech

How We Tackle Hate Speech on YouTube

How We Tackle Hate Speech on Facebook

Victim Support Services about Cyber Hate

If You Are a Victim of Online Hate in Austria | Victim Support Austria

Ways to prevent, combat and react to hate speech online | Victim Support Portugal (APAV)

If You Are a Victim of Online Hate in Denmark | Victim Support Denmark

Helping Victims of Cyber Hate in Croatia | Bijeli krug Hrvatske

If You Are a Victim of Online Hate in France | France Victimes

If You Are a Victim of Online Hate in Germany | Victim Support Germany

If You Are a Victim of Online Hate in Finland | Victim Support Finland

If You Are a Victim of Online Hate in Malta | Victim Support Malta

Galop | If You Are a Victim of Online Hate in the UK

The Role of a Psychologist in the Aftermath of an Online Hate Crime

Cyber Hate Initiatives

Do You Know The International Network for Hate Studies | Online Platform to Exchange Knowledge

HateLab | Harnessing Data Science to Measure and Counter Hate Speech & Crime

Tackling Online Hate Speech | The National Union of Journalists in the UK and Ireland

Leading the Fight For Victims of Cyberstalking

Report Online Hate in Belgium | UNIA

If You Are a Victim Of Cyber Hate in the Czech Republic | In IUSTITIA

Online Hate Crime and People with Disabilities | Inclusion Europe

Victims voices

Philip Adlem | Experience of Online Harassment as an LGBTI Person

Cyberstalking Victim Narratives

Voices of Victims of Online Hate | Anna Ropianyk

Poetry Videos

The Internet God

Luis Perdigão

The poem is written and performed by the Portuguese Slam poetry Champion 2017 Luis Perdigão. Violence driven by hate remains a challenge for societies and governments. We have to react robustly. Hate crime cannot be tolerated.

Tell Me Where The Flowers Are – A Letter To An Old Friend

Jaromir Konecny

Remarkable Germany-based poet added his inspiring voice to our #CrimeIsCrimeEvenOnline campaign – Jaromir Konecny.


Winston Plowes

Winston Plowes from Calderdale (UK) recorded a poem “Hate” to support our upcoming awareness-raising campaign #CrimeIsCrimeEvenOnline!

Right to Incite

Cailin C E Mackenzie

Rights exist in all shapes and sizes, for good reason, but ‘my right’ is said and written too often, and wrongly, to justify hate and violence. This poem places the balance where it should be.

Right Arm

Inke Gieghase

Over recent years we have unfortunately seen many examples of violent action perpetrated offline by isolated individuals who radicalise into white supremacist movements. Racist groups use internet to influence and reinforce divisive ideas. And it’s not only organised racist groups that take advantage of online communication; unaffiliated individuals do it too.
Addressing online racism is a vital part of the fight against racism. Cyber-racism diminishes racialized professionals. It is false speech not free speech!

It’s Simple

Simone Savogin

You Liked It Too

Federico Balzarini

Milan-based poet Federico Balzarini wrote a poem “You Liked It Too” that deals with the theme of cyber bullying and harassment.


Iulia Militaru

There is no solution against hate, unless you put another meaning in those speeches. Erase them and change the old meanings of this bloody world.

Just a serene ‘adieu’, followed by the button ‘block’

Marina Kazakova

The poem deals with the theme of cyberstalking. Increasing technological reliance exposes individuals to new means of surveillance.

Hate Speech

Tilke Wouters

Belgian poet Tilke Wouters thinks out loud about online hate speech.