If you have fallen victim to online hate speech, visit Europol’s website to discover the possibility of reporting the crime online in your country. Reporting mechanisms vary from one country to another. In Member States which do not have a dedicated online option in place, you are advised to go to your local police station to lodge a complaint.

It is easy to carry on scrolling past offensive, hateful online messages. In fact, it’s the easiest thing to do, especially if the message is not targeted at you. However, hate speech online has real consequences to its victims, and it takes the whole online community to react together to eliminate it.
Our partner CEJI, A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, explain the importance of reacting to online hate speech in order to beat it:

To learn more about online hate crime, CEJI created the online learning platform ‘Facing Facts’. To learn more, join the Facing Facts Online courses on hate speech to explore in-depth the following topics:

  • What is hate speech and why is it so difficult to define?
  • What is the harm of hate speech for individuals and for society?
  • What is the best action that I can take to fight hate speech online?
  • How can monitoring help fight hate speech?
  • What methods and approaches can I use to counter hate speech?
  • How can I protect myself when engaging with online hate speech?

Available in EnglishGermanFrench and Italian upon free registration.